Study in the United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates, a traditionally oil-rich country, began the transition to a knowledge-based economy in the last decade, particularly in Dubai. As a result, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has begun to revise their educational system accordingly, including especially higher education programs.

The UAE has 116 higher education institutions, including three public institutions and 30 international branches of universities from around the world. Notable examples include the University of Exeter and the University of Michigan. Most of these international universities are located in the heart of all the action: in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Study in the United Arab Emirates

The current system of higher education includes Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level degree programs. There are wide ranges of subjects available for studies, but given the economic state of the UAE, information technology (IT), business administration, management and marketing are among the most popular programs selected by students. The UAE recently made IT a top priority for higher education programs, and as a result, IT education is blossoming at universities at the moment. The government has also increased the priority of quality research projects in the universities of the UAE, making learning in these fields’ very hands on for students.

Public universities are free of charge at all educational levels for UAE citizens. Tuition fees vary widely at the international universities depending upon the school itself and the type of program selected. Fees also tend to change every academic year; so therefore, it is best to check with the university admissions department for up-to-date information. A diploma obtained in the United Arab Emirates is proof enough of a very high level of education and qualification!

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Students who have the required experience and a good command for English language can attend an MBA program in the UAE. In this kind of program, you can get the opportunity to have a unique experience in an international company. The United Arab Emirates will also provide interesting internship opportunities for students of law as well.

Top 3 reasons to study in the United Arab Emirates:

  • World renowned high-quality education.
  • An ever increasing priority of research programs.
  • A unique educational and cultural system.

Did you know this about the United Arab Emirates?

  • Study-related: UAE University’s (UAEU) enrolment has increased from 502 in its founding year of 1977 to nearly 14,740 in 2006. Women represent about 79% of the student body.
  • “Official” fact: The United Arab Emirates ranks 7th by GDP per capita, ahead of other notable countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, the Nordics (except Norway), Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Japan.
  • “Funny” fact: Petrol is so cheap and easy to find in the UAE, that you can even get some free petrol with the purchase of a candy bar!

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