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Poland is situated at the heart of Europe. From its capital Warsaw, you can travel to Paris and London within just a few hours. Poland is known as a safe and fun place to live, and it has a lot of unique places for guests to see. It has beaches, mountains, lakes, forests, world-class historical monuments – and very friendly people.

The Polish people are very hospitable, especially towards foreign guests, and they are always ready to show others their culture. They are very passionate about showing their guests around, even if they cannot speak English, they will not give up in making you feel welcomed. Even though Poland is a country in the EU, it does not have the Euro as its official currency, but instead it has the zloty.

Study in Poland

In Poland there are a lot of specialised fields of study to choose from. Moreover, they offer the opportunity to study in English. All degrees issued in Poland are recognised by other EU countries. The quality of education in Poland is constantly being evaluated and improved. Accommodation for international students is usually provided by the host university.

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The student life in Poland has a long list of traditions. There are a lot of big student festivals that originate from the old times which carry on today, and this practice is certainly getting bigger and better every year. These days in Poland, there are more students than there were in the past. It is also important to mention that the students of Poland have access to a very active nightlife scene.

Poland is known as a country full of magic, where east meets west. You can find a lot of wonderful art, history, architecture and cuisine with a little help from your new Polish friends.

Top 3 reasons to study in Poland:

  • Rich European cultural heritage
  • High quality education
  • Lower costs of living and studying than in most other EU countries.

Did you know this about Poland?

  • Poland is part of the Bologna Process.
  • Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe by land area.
  • The Polish flag when hung upside down looks the same as the flags of Indonesia and Monaco.

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