Study in Greece

Easy going with a lot going on!

Greece is a profoundly popular country with its notoriously beautiful Greek sunshine and its traditional and well rounded food and drink culture. Often projected as an easy way of life; if you decide to partake in a study program in Greece you will have to learn not to rush into things, it’s a cultural virtue. People tend to pay quite the attention to being healthy and happy there.

Student life in Greece is quite an exciting experience, with its unmistakably traditional influences. This country provides a very good quality of knowledge in almost every field of study imaginable.

Greece is not always very well known for its international student population, but recently, some universities are notably increasing their number of international students quite a bit. Not to mention the fact that Greece famously hosts a wide variety of exchange students regularly for a semester or two every year.

Study in Greece

As for the costs of studies, the Greek do not charge very much for tuition. Books and other study related resources are usually lent to university students or are provided by the school at a small price. Some universities in Greece include various benefits for their students without any extra costs, such as the University of Thessaloniki, which offers meals, the use of their gym and the use of their pool free of charge! The basic costs of living in Greece are relatively normal, but you can find a large quantity of quite affordable restaurants and coffee shops all around, especially for students!

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The culture of Greece also gives great respect to leadership. There are several Greek organisations that are regularly organising activities in order to help the people of the future develop more refined leadership skills.

The life of a student outside of studies in Greece is quite diverse, except for the various nightlife opportunities and the regular student parties. There are a surplus of exciting cultural and social events available to the public outside of school, and an even larger surplus of outdoor activities to take part in during the often-sunny days! Many activities need only a student card to get you discounts for local theatres, cinemas or at local events.

Top 3 reasons to study in Greece:

  • Living a modern lifestyle in an ancient place
  • Generally low cost of living
  • Highly developed academic fields

Did you know this about Greece?

  • Before and after exam periods in Greece, students tend to celebrate and have parties as a form of stress relief. It’s almost expected of you!
  • Greece is actually one of the most mountainous countries in the whole European continent. The highest mountain is Mount Olympus, reaching 2917 meters high and consisting of over 50 different peaks.
  • In ancient Greece, throwing an apple at a woman was considered a marriage proposal. No promises from us if you attempt to try!