Study in Croatia

Amazing scenery and high-quality education

Croatia is an ideal place for students wishing to study in with because of its extremely beautiful coastline, mix of Mediterranean and South-Eastern European charm and its rich historical and cultural heritage.

Higher education in Croatia is conducted in higher education institutions through university and professional studies. Higher education institutions are divided into universities, polytechnics, colleges of applied sciences, faculties and art academies.

The student body in Croatia is well organized which is evident in the number of creative student initiatives and projects. They are usually closely related to the students’ field of study, as well as to students’ professional and academic interests, which are launched and implemented by student associations (either local associations or branches of international student associations), informal student groups or individual students at higher education institutions. Those projects will truly take your studies to the next level.

Study in Croatia

Tuition fees in Croatia vary depending on the degree programme and education institution the student is applying for. Fees also change every academic year, and therefore it is best to check the university admissions documents for up-to-date information.

All full-time students at a Croatian higher education institutions can apply for some student work. The same applies for international students. However, international students attending short study programmes (for example exchange students or guest students) have to check the information with the sending higher education institution.

Aside from getting only educational experience, students can use their free time exploring Croatian coast, mountains and natural parks combined with its natural, historical and cultural diversity. The amazing cuisine and café culture will surely take your study motivation for the next level.

Croatian universities rated on Study Advisory:

The University of Zagreb‘s reviews are featured alongside with interesting comments on the cost of living in the Croatian capital, such as 1 euro meals!

Top 3 reasons to study in Croatia:

  • Diploma is recognized in the EU and beyond
  • Wide variety of degree or exchange programmes
  • Rich historical, natural and cultural surroundings

Did you know this about Croatia?

  • The University of Zagreb, founded in 1669, is the oldest continuously operating university in South Eastern Europe.
  • After Ireland, Croatia has the highest emigration rate in the world.
  • Game of Thrones show has taken viewers all over the world. The seasons 2 and 3 showcased Croatia’s most famous city, the walled seaside fortress of Dubrovnik, which was chosen as King’s Landing.

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