Study in Ghana

Unusual cultures and traditions, beautiful nature and amazing castles

Ghana, or officially the Republic of Ghana, is an English-speaking country in Western Africa. The word “Ghana” means “Warrior King”– the kings of the medieval West African Ghana Empire called it so.

Ghana has one of the most developed education systems in Africa: there are 52 public and 5 private colleges, 5 polytechnic institutions, 4 non-university tertiary institutions, as well as 8 state and 45 private higher education institutions in that country. The language of studying is English in Ghana. Most remarkable students can get scholarships from the government. The oldest and the largest university in the country is The University of Ghana, located in Legon, Accra. It is also the most popular one. Moreover, it is the only university that offers programs on nuclear energy, for example.

The Republic of Ghana definitely should be considered as a place to study by those who are interested in West-African culture, who are looking for challenges and not afraid to face them and, finally, who would like to enjoy warm mild climate, endless white beaches and magnificent nature of that country. The ancient history of this unusual land resulted in a huge number of unique cultures and peoples: here is seen the combination of European influence from colonialism and distinctive impacts of all empires and kingdoms, which prospered on the territory of the country.

Study in Ghana

It will not be difficult to find what to visit and see when living in Ghana. For example, Ghana is an African “country of castles”: there are about 16–17 fortresses which were built by Portuguese and now are under the protection of UNESCO. In terms of cultural insight every one visiting Ghana should come to the funeral feast: Ghanaians usually “celebrate” funerals with dancing and having fun. In addition, the coffins in this country are made in the form that displays the profession of the person, so for example a book for the teacher or a fish for the angler.

Many people think that it is dangerous for a foreigner to live in Western Africa. However, Ghana has been ranked as the most peaceful African country by the Global Peace Index.

Top 3 reasons to study in Ghana:

  • Face and overcome the difficulties of living in an unusual and developing country
  • Explore West African culture and traditions
  • Visit amazing natural landmarks

Did you know this about Ghana?

  • The University Of Ghana is one of the few universities in Africa that offers programs of Russian language.
  • Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain her independence from colonialism on 6th of March 1957.
  • Pulling the rope is almost a national sport in Ghana, but instead of rope, locals use a large boa.