Study in Uzbekistan

Ancient treasures and historical landmarks

Uzbekistan, or officially the Republic of Uzbekistan, is situated in Central Asia. Uzbekistan has an access to the Aral Sea, however, it is one of the two countries (second is Liechtenstein), which needs to cross the territories of two countries in order to exit to the oceans.

Uzbekistan is an ideal place for studying for those who are willing to learn more than the university offers – so for those, who would love to go deeper into the history of the country. The location of Uzbekistan and the fact that it is an ancient country explains the unique and unusual combination of cultures and nations, which are extremely interesting to explore. Studying in Uzbekistan for a foreigner could be difficult, as there are no programs in the English language – only in Uzbek or in Russian. But at the same time, the life is quite cheap in there and, finally, studying there will be an unforgettable experience. All universities are public in Uzbekistan. Every year the cooperation between the largest Uzbek universities and other countries is growing, and that offers new opportunities to students (e.g. exchange programs.)

Study in Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan is a real treasury of famous landmarks, one of the centers of the legendary Silk Road. The oldest cities in the country are more than 2750 years old, the most popular and the oldest one of them is Samarkand, contemporary of Rome. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. It is located in a beautiful oasis, and it can amaze anyone with its old town with narrow streets and a huge number of mosques and madrassas. In addition, another example of a place to visit could be city reservation of Khiva, which was established, as the legend tells, by Noah’s son Shem, which shows more than 100 monuments of various epochs and peoples.

Top 3 reasons to study in Uzbekistan:

  • Explore history of the whole Asian culture and visit amazing sights
  • Learn cultures of different nations
  • Get a unique and a challenging experience

Did you know this about Uzbekistan?

  • About 50 % of all university students choose education as their field of study. After that comes industry and construction (about 20 %).
  • The only Central Asian underground is located in Uzbekistan. It was built in 1977.