Study in Macao

Innovations and development

Macao, together with Hong Kong, is one of two special administrative regions of the Republic of China. Located on the southern coast of China and approximately 60 kilometers away from Hong Kong, Macao has a humid subtropical climate, with the humidity varying from 75 % to 90 %.

Colonised by the Portuguese Empire in the mid-16th century, Macao was one of the first regions in Asia that was greatly influenced by the West. It still maintains its unique Euro/Asian culture, making Macao a truly interesting place with a unique life style.

Macao was the last remaining European colony in Asia before getting its sovereignty only in 1999. The impact of Portuguese culture is still very intense, especially the street names, architecture and currency. Macao’s official languages are Portuguese and Cantonese Chinese, yet international students can easily communicate within the region since English is the most popular second language here.

Study in Macao

Despite its narrow land area (30.3 km2), Macao has more than ten higher education institutions, public and private. Currently, Macao aims to develop education into one of the main pillars for their economy. In general, almost all universities in Macao are quite “young”. Universities in Macao can easily develop their own systems to catch up with the world, ensuring students to have the latest knowledge and requirements for their future in the competitive world.

Last but not least, Macao is also popular for its high level of living standards and the variety of entertainment available. Thus, international students are able to have a very interesting life there while having a lot of fun in the city center during their academic period.

Top 3 reasons to study in Macao:

  • Macao is young and exciting with a blend of cultures between East and West
  • Universities in Macao always aim for innovation and development
  • Macao has a high level of living standards and versatile entertainment activities

Did you know this about Macao?

  • In the 1981, there was only one university in Macao, University of Macao, but now there are more than ten higher education institutions here.
  • With a dense and widely-populated urban environment, Macao has no arable land, pastures, forest, or woodland.
  • Because of its casino culture, Macao is also known as “Monte Carlo of the Orient”. The Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the whole world.