Study in Japan

A unique culture with ancient roots and modern vibes

Japan, an island country in the Pacific Ocean, has made a great impression on the world with its first-class education programs. Considering its’ study achievements, it’s no surprise that this country comes near the top of world-class education. These great accomplishments stem from the Japanese qualities of hard work and effort, as well as their long-term core principles of good life balance.

Study in Japan

The higher education system of Japan considerably differs from that of those in Western countries. There are five types of schools: universities, junior colleges, special training schools, miscellaneous schools and colleges of technology. The studies in universities usually take four years to complete, and the major programs of medicine, dentistry and veterinary services last six years or more.

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Though the living costs are quite high, the tuition fees are quite affordable. For example, most national universities have the lowest tuition fees, at about 535,800 Yen. In comparison, public universities will cost about 537,000 Yen.

Students will not only have an ideal place to carry out their studies, but will also have access to a booming job market. International students who carry out their studies in Japan are welcomed in both universities and in companies. There is a desire to create a strong global workforce, so all candidates need to undergo a competitive job search process.

If you want to have a new cultural experience, Japan should be the first choice on your list since its culture is absolutely different from that of the rest of the world.

University in Japan with excellent Study Advisory ratings:

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu is praised by our reviewers for its internationality.

Kyoto University is appreciated for its campus, level of security and its value for money. It is also 38th on QS world rankings.

Top 3 reasons to study in Japan:

  • World-class education system.
  • Amazing and unique cultural experiences.
  • Open job market.

Did you know this about Japan?

  • In a study, 91 % of Japanese students said that they had only in some classes, or never at all, ignored the lecture.
  • Japan’s literacy rate is 100 %.
  • Sleeping or napping during office hours is acceptable.

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