Study in Bangladesh

Emerging economy with ancient sights

Bangladesh, officially The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is located in South Asia and borders India in the west, making this country part of the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal. Together with its tropical climate and the growth and changes of its economy, Bangladesh is a golden opportunity for students looking for valuable experience during the era of internationalisation and globalisation.

Bangladesh is the world’s eighth most populous country and hosts the third largest Islamic community in the world. Even though two thirds of the population are farmers, more than three fourths of its export comes from the textile industry. This industry has been attracting foreign investments since the 1980’s thanks to cheap labor costs and low exchange rates, creating a large opportunity for management students who wish to work in the export industry.

Study in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the most densely populated of all countries, with a population exceeding 10 million. Medical, Technical and Management studies are becoming a trend in this South Asian nation. Currently, there are almost 800 business schools and institutions in Bangladesh, providing further knowledge of management. However, currently, only some special majors such as marketing, HR and retail management are available in English.

Living in Bangladesh is cheap – you can easily get a room in a hotel for 300 BDT, which is around 4 dollars per night, or have a meal for only 30 BDT. With this opportunity, international students can easily travel around and learn more about its friendly people and immerse themselves into a rich Islamic culture to make their own unique cultural perspective.

Top 3 reasons to study in Bangladesh:

  • The living expenses in Bangladesh are affordable.
  • With its crowded population, Bangladesh is a place with lots of opportunities.
  • Its economic situation is changing day by day, which makes it very interesting for students as well.

Did you know this about Bangladesh?

  • There are more and more funds given to improve the education system in Bangladesh.
  • More than half people in Bangladesh are farmers.
  • The people in Bangladesh seldom smile. It’s not because they’re unfriendly but it’s believed to be sign of immaturity.