Why should you rate your university?

So, we are building the best place for students and universities to find each other. We have an enormous database consisting of almost 12 000 higher education institutions. But that’s not enough. We want you, your friends and everybody else also to rate your university. But why do we want that in the first place?

In our previous blog post I wrote that 9 out of 10 young people think that their peers provide important information when it comes to deciding about their future university. So first of all, we really want to make the voice of the young people heard. Those people who have studied in a certain institution have first-hand knowledge that universities’ promotional material usually can’t provide.

We have come up with six different categories – you can give your feedback by just clicking the scale. We wanted to emphasize things that are not measured by the traditional rankings: quality of teaching, the atmosphere on the campus, student services, international buzz, value for money and security.

We also have a spot for comments. You might be wondering: “So what is there to write about?” Our recommendation is: anything you please. What would you have wanted to hear about your future university when you were applying? Maybe there were some unique courses that you wouldn’t have had in your own country. It might be that the sport facilities were off the hook. How was the student life? Do you have any practical tips: where to live, what to eat or what to do on your free time? So just write about anything!

And hey. It doesn’t matter whether you are already an alumnus or alumna from then years back or a freshman – everyone’s opinion matters. So just search for your university and let your voice be heard.

Oh, and we also want to do our share: that’s why we are donating 25 cents per each review to UNESCO’s Programme for the Education of Children in Need – so your review also does some good!

So what are you waiting for? Rate your university and spread the word. Let’s work together to revolutionize education!

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One thought on “Why should you rate your university?

  1. This is insanely relevant! Awesome that I made a website like yours that follow the same guidelines and thoughts as you – just aimed for the danish people!

    See website when hovering over my name (Onestudent.dk) – I will write a blog post and link to yours as well!

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