What others think of us

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Academic Institutions

“Young people are more and more interested about the experiences of others. We see Study Advisory as a great opportunity to make our voice heard with the help of the satisfied students.”
Antti Isoviita
Manager of Global Education at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)

“We are excited about the social aspect of Study Advisory. Students will find novel information about interesting universities in an easy and affable way.”
Ms. Marjut Schroderus
Project Director of Tampere Higher Education Institutions collaboration network

“We see Study Advisory as an initiative which enables to hear the voice of the students, alumni and researchers when comparing universities on a global level.”
Ms. Laura Lindeman
Talent Attraction Manager at Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea

“One of the biggest strengths is that the team at Study Advisory has roots from all over the world. They are actively reaching out to different universities and young people, and they are also using their online channels effectively to communicate with both parties. Additionally, their global online platform of collected university reviews draws the attention of young people interested in studying, which I think is really convenient for us.”
Mr. Jim Chan
Senior Officer of Learning & Exchange Division, HKUST R & D Corp (SZ)
Read our full recommendation Letter from Jim Chan.

“Study Advisory is marketing a HKUST based China Program among other university programs worldwide. This program truly helps prepare its participants for an increasingly global world”
Mr. Brian Fitzek
Director of Family Academic Programs at John Hopkins University
Read our full recommendation letter from Brian Fitzek.

Embassies and Consulates

“I believe, Study Advisory is one of the most effective marketing tools for universities reaching students all over the world online – in the place where young prospective students are.”
Ms. Päivi Hiltunen-Toivio
Ambassador of Finland to Indonesia
Read our full recommendation letter from Päivi Hiltunen-Toivio.

I recommend joining the next phase of student recruitment with Study Advisory for all those higher education institutions who want to bring the social aspect to their student relations and make their global brand more visible in the eyes of the prospective students.
Mr. Jan Wahlberg
Consul General at the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai
Read our full recommendation letter from Jan Wahlberg.

“Study Advisory will not only enable universities to reach a larger pool of students from all over the world but also facilitate students’ search for universities based on their unique needs, desires and goals.”
Jari Sinkari
Consul-General of Finland to Hong Kong and Macao
Read our full recommendation letter from Jari Sinkari.

“We really like the fact that in Study Advisory current and former students can for example rate the internationality and security levels of their institutions. No academic rankings measure these qualities – yet these aspects are becoming more and more important when choosing for a place to study.”
Mr. Teemu Laakkonen
Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of Finland in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Read our full recommendation letter from Teemu Laakkonen.


“Study Advisory is one of the most promising start-ups I have seen, and I gladly recommend you to consider a partnership with them.”
Ms. Emilia A. Tavakoli
General Manager of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
Read our full  recommendation letter from Emilia A. Tavakoli.


“The service seeks to connect universities worldwide, visualize the international placement opportunities and overcome the hurdles in communication with universities globally. This could make Study Advisory another Finnish success story in education.”
Ms. Annie Wang
Founder and Director in Business Development and PR at D’Evénitif, Hong Kong

what others think of us
Some of our ever-growing network of strategic partners