Study in Europe

From studying in some of the most iconic and traditional British, French and German universities, to studying in some of the smaller and more dynamic business schools, when you choose to study in Europe, your options are many. There is such a wide range for higher education in Europe, from the Northern countries who boast some of the best public university systems in the world, to some of the smaller countries such as Estonia which educate future talents right into their great startup scene.

There are as many reasons to study in Europe as there are students who study there! For some, the destination of their dreams might be a sophisticated hospitality management college in the Swiss Alps, and for others the place of getting hands-on knowledge in German “Fachhochschules”, also known as universities of applied sciences. Did you know that some of the world’s oldest universities are situated in Spain and Italy? Maybe you want to spend some free time during your studies nibbling “queso manchego” or “prosciutto di Parma”? Whatever your reason, the possibilities of studying in European universities are limitless.

Study in Europe

Tuition fees and scholarships

In Europe you might find that some good-quality universities don’t even charge tuition fees! Yes, that’s right. In most cases, the tuition fees are usually very affordable at universities which do charge, especially when compared with the quality of the studies you will receive in return.

Also, there are various scholarships available for studies in Europe. You might even qualify to receive a full scholarship for your studies, for example, at some schools in Sweden. You also might want to apply for a round of scholarship applications offered by different foundations and organisations, who provide scholarships primarily for passionate and motivated students.

Versatile studies and degree programs

In Europe you can study almost anything you like. Some of the most valued law studies and economics degrees are found in Europe, as well as a few very unique cross-disciplinary degree programs; such as Baltic Sea studies.

Do you fancy studying in English? French? Spanish? German? Italian? Russian? In Europe, you can study in some of the most spoken languages in the world. Maybe you would want to study in Finland and boost your Swedish skills at the same time? Or study in Switzerland and learn French in addition to German? In Europe almost everything is possible when it comes to studies! It is a melting pot of languages, even though English is spoken very widely in most European countries.

Almost all European countries offer their students a good-quality degree taught in the English language. Most of these universities also offer the local languages at the beginner level, so you can at least impress your new local friends by ordering a meal in their mother tongue!

Free time activities keep you going

We all know that when you work hard, sometimes you gotta play hard too, and Europe is the perfect destination for you to do so. Europe is full of exciting cultures, and nowadays, these cultures combine in the most interesting ways with the rich history and modern-day innovations of each European country. Studying in Europe gives you the perfect chance to experience dozens of countries and cultures by way of very affordable public transportation. When you are studying in Central Europe, you can reach many bordering countries within just a short (and affordable) train ride. From the beautiful canals of Venice, to the romantic and historical centre of Budapest. From the exciting history of Prague, to the beaches and islands of Croatia. It’s all there at your finger tips!

Study in Europe

Places to study in Europe:

Austria – Where classical music finds its home, today and historically
Belgium – Study in the heart of Europe
Cyprus – Study in the crosspoint of three continents
Czech Republic – A tuition free high-quality education in the Heart of Europe
Denmark – Super-quality education in a wealthy Scandinavian country
Estonia – Studying in a very unique country
Finland – Top-notch education and exotic nature
France – Because who wouldn’t want to be a little more chic
Germany – The powerhouse of European economy
Greece – Easy going with a lot going on!
Hungary – Beautiful country with rich history and multicultural influences
Iceland – Land of fire and ice
Ireland – High-quality education in the Emerald Isle
Italy – Legendary cuisine and some of the world’s oldest universities
Netherlands – Innovative education and multicultural environment
Norway – The most democratic country in the world
Poland – Move your imagination – come and find your story
Portugal – Top-notch education on the west coast of Europe
Russia – High ranked education, unique culture and unforgettable experiences
Slovakia – Interesting culture, medieval architecture and diverse nature
Spain – Affordable and prestigious high-quality education
Switzerland – International country renowned for its landscape and financial industry
Turkey – A country with a long history!
United Kingdom – Oxbridge traditions and cultural diversity