Study in Jamaica

Get your degree on a paradise island

Jamaica, an island located in the Caribbean Sea, has a lovely landscape ranging from mountains to rainforests, and beaches perfect for water sports, diving and snorkeling. It is also known as the birthplace of reggae music.

There are a number of universities, colleges and other higher education institutions in Jamaica, as well as some extension programs of a few universities located in the United States. The language used in these institutions is English, making it easy for international students to fit right in from day one.

Study in Jamaica

The admissions criteria in Jamaica is set by the institutions individually, so the best way to determine whether or not you are qualified to apply is to contact the university of interest directly.

Explore universities in Jamaica! 

Tuition costs of universities in Jamaica are composed of multiple different parts, and can be either annual or per-credit based. The amount of the costs depends on the university, the degree program, as well as the student’s country of origin. In Jamaica, the cost of living is relatively high. Some good tips on how to keep costs manageable are to buy local products rather than imported goods, choosing to live outside the central areas and looking into having a personal vehicle.

As a popular tourist destination, Jamaica has plenty of activities to offer for free time. With diving, snorkeling, mountain climbing, various tours to get familiar with the nature, as well as enjoying the local cuisine and laid back island life, there are several wonderful ways to pass time in Jamaica!

Top 3 reasons to study in Jamaica:

  • A warm hearted and friendly population
  • A mix of modern life and traditional island life
  • A great place to do water sports in your free time

Did you know this about Jamaica?

  • The education system of Jamaica has been greatly influenced by historical events, such as the abolition of slavery.
  • There are 26 species of birds that can only be found on the island of Jamaica.
  • Ian Fleming had his home, “Goldeneye”, in Jamaica and wrote ten of his James Bond novels there. Even one of the airports in Jamaica is called Ian Fleming International Airport!