Study in Costa Rica

“Pura Vida!”

In the middle of the Americas, there is a green paradise called Costa Rica. This small country has been well known for picturesque sceneries of beaches, volcanoes and pristine jungles. On top of that, education in Costa Rica is much appreciated. Most people have access to schooling and the literacy rate is 97 %. The educational system is ranked 20th in the “Global Competitiveness Report 2013-14”, and is described as being of  a “high quality”.

Study in Costa Rica

Higher education in Costa Rica offers an excellent academic background. There are both private and public universities to choose from. Currently, universities provide programs primarily in Spanish. However, there are a few English courses are available to students. Tuition fees are generally 50 % less than those of US universities. For example, the tuition fee in one university can be somewhere around $80 per credit for an undergraduate program and $140 per credit for postgraduate studies, plus an annual $100 miscellaneous fee also applies. Students can also ask for student loans, a financial aid package or apply for scholarships to help fund their studies.

Explore universities in Costa Rica!

Apart from lectures in universities, living in Costa Rica also means that one can step into an entertaining world. This country, though small, is home to many adventure opportunities, lush rainforests, national parks, biological reserves, rafting rivers, breathtaking stretches of sandy beaches, open-air markets, shops, a wide variety of restaurants, coffee houses, art and music festivals and various museums. Students can amuse themselves by going on excursions or just by hanging out at a local coffee house. The weather is also fantastic almost all year round!

Top 3 reasons to study in Costa Rica:

  • Top-notch education.
  • The official language is Spanish although English is widely spoken.
  • Entertaining activities.

Did you know this about Costa Rica?

  • The literacy rate in Costa Rica is very high with 97 %.
  • The life expectancy of the local people is exceptionally high (79 years old).
  • There are usually no street names or addresses in Costa Rica.