Study in Senegal

Study in “Our Boat”

Located on the west coast in Africa, Senegal is well known for its French colonial heritage and natural landscape. The name Senegal means “Our Boat” in Wolof language. Since Senegal used to be a French colony, its official language is French. Also the Senegalese education system bears a resemblance to French system.

Over the past decade, Senegalese government has improved educational programs so that students can have greater access to schooling. In higher education, there are public and private universities in Senegal. They offer courses specialized in different fields such as social sciences, medicine, finance, law, accounting, technology, arts and so on. All courses are taught in French.

Study in Senegal

In 2012 the Ministry of Higher Education in Senegal cooperated with UNESCO’S Regional Office in Dakar to implement a project to improve the quality of higher education in Senegal. This project includes offering training opportunities, guiding international students and assessing employment needs. Participants work with experts from African countries and another countries in the world to improve the higher education there.

Apart from studying, students have chances to get to know about Senegalese culture. French is the official language, but there are plenty of unique languages of different ethnic groups. Every ethnic group has their own traditional customs. All together they create a vibrant Senegalese cultural background. Senegal also has a notable National Park and Reserve System. Coming to these parks, students will be able to go on ecotourism or tropical forest excursions, which are extremely interesting and definitely worth trying.

Top 3 reasons to study in Senegal:

  • Constantly improving education
  • French speaking country
  • Natural landscape and beautiful sceneries

Did you know this about Senegal?

  • Senegalese education system is similar with that of France.
  • The dominant religion is Islam with nearly 94 % Muslims while Christians make up to 5 % of the population. In general, the Senegalese tend to be very superstitious.
  • Wrestling is the traditional and national sport of Senegal.