Study in Iraq

Study where our civilisation began

Iraq is a country in Western Asia and it shares borders with six other countries. It has a rich landscape including coastline, plains, mountains and desert. Historic Mesopotamia, which is referred to as humanity’s cradle of civilisation, is located there as well.

The higher education system is composed of public and private universities, private colleges and the Technical Institute’s Commission. All higher education institutes except private colleges are financed by the State. Iraq has a long educational heritage, although in recent decades, political conflicts have affected the educational sector.

Study in Iraq

International students are free to apply to study in Iraq ,as long as they meet the application requirements of being under 25 years of age and holding the Iraqi Secondary School Certificate, or its’ equivalent 6th Form Baccalaureate.

Explore universities in Iraq!

Tuition fees vary between different higher education institutes and the fees can be different for different students, even within the same institute, composed of many different parts. The best way to find the individual student’s cost of studying is to contact the university of interest directly.

For free time, there is an abundance of things to discover. Since the area has always been home to humans, there is plenty of history to learn about, and navigating through huge bazaars is definitely an unforgettable experience.

Top 3 reasons to study in Iraq:

  • Remarkable historical value.
  • A look into the Arabic culture.
  • Warm weather year-round depending on your location.

Did you know this about Iraq?

    • Before the 1990’s Iraq had the best educational system in the region.
    • Approximately half of Iraq is covered by inhospitable desert.
    • Licorice, which is a native plant of Iraq, was chewed by soldiers in ancient times to avoid thirst.