Where it all started…

All over the world millions of youngsters are asking: where to study? We at Study Advisory have also asked the very same question and ended up to places all over the world.

For many people higher education is the last step before entering the hectic working life. While studying we not only process as much information for our future careers as possible but we search for ourselves, develop our identities and build networks that will hopefully last for a lifetime. Briefly: when studying we have the time of your lives.

There are as many reasons to choose a university as there are students. Someone might want to study law in the most famous university in the world, another wants to study near the best ski slopes and some people may just want to experience something completely different from their own country. I’ll deal more with this subject some other day since it’s so fascinating!

Study Advisory started from the idea to offer a truly global service for students to find the university of their dreams. We want to cater for the needs of the top students but also for those searching for themselves and for what they want from their life and studies. Study Advisory’s team consists of seven rather young and resourceful co-founders and we are sure that we can change the way youngsters search for information – and for themselves.

I sure love good quotes and I think this one from the philosopher John Dewey would be appropriate: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” I couldn’t agree more. The time I spent at the University of Tampere, Universidad de Alicante and Universität Klagenfurt sometimes didn’t even feel like studying; it felt like living.

So welcome to our blog to follow our story on our way to be the most student-friendly service to search for information about different universities! No matter whether you are a youngster, a student, a member of a staff at a university or just someone interested in higher education – join us to follow our story!

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