Study Advisory’s Charity Project – What is it and why we do it?

Study Advisory is a modern start-up from Finland, genuinely interested in helping and caring of others. Once a wise man said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (N. Mandela). We believe in the same idea, which was also one inspiration for our mission: Connect students with tertiary level educational institutions worldwide and provide them with the necessary information to find the most suitable study option for everyone.

Education is a rapidly growing field, and enrolment in higher education is expected to double up to 262 million by 2025. More and more students are moving across borders seeking education outside their home countries. Nevertheless, we have to remember that at the same time there are still more than 72 million children who should be in primary school according to their age, but who don’t have access to basic education. There are several reasons for that, for example wars, poverty and some related on cultural old traditions etc. There has been even a discussion about “a lost generation”, which means that there is a risk that, in certain areas in the world, an entire generation will remain without basic education including skills in reading and writing.

This is something we want to help stop happening with Study Advisory. Right from the beginning we knew that we wanted to regularly donate to charity, and more specifically for children’s education. That’s why we decided to target our donation to UNESCO’s programme for the Education of Children in Need. The program has been existing since 1992 and over the years it has raised over $40 million dollars and shared them to over 400 projects in almost 100 countries.

Study Advisory's charity project
Our managing director Sami, excited to make the first yearly donation to UNESCO.

We make a donation to UNESCO based on the number of student reviews in our online service – 25 euro cents for each review. With the help of the students, we participate in building a better tomorrow for those children who are vulnerable in the society and are lacking access to basic education. Study Advisory’s online service was launched in September 2015 and during our first year we managed to gather about 3 200 reviews. Next year we want to triple that!

Help us reach that goal & rate to donate!

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  1. This is great!

    On becoming Friday we’ll continue by making a visit with Study Advisory and Asia Exchange to a Children’s home supporting education of young Indonesians.

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