Introducing the new team members

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Our amazing Study Advisory team has recently grown by a few new staff members, and we decided to make a blog post to introduce ourselves and let you know a little something about the people behind the scenes. We will be in charge of Study Advisory networking, marketing and staying in contact with our growing amount of Study Advisory users. Here’s a short introduction of each of us:

“Hello everyone! Melissa here, from the Study Squad based in Tampere. I’m a misplaced Texan who has made Finland my permanent home since 2009, completing a bachelor’s degree in tourism in 2013 and a bachelor’s degree in international business in 2016. You could easily say I have a passion for learning, having studied myself in 4 universities on 3 different continents!

My greatest hobby of all is to travel the world and experience all that life has to offer. My personal goal in life is to visit a new country for every year I have been alive. The current ratio is 22/25!

My journey with the Study Advisory team began in 2015 when I met Harri and Tuomas at the orientation of my study abroad period in Bali with their company Asia Exchange. I told them I was looking for an internship with a global company based in Finland, and they found me a place at Study Advisory right away!

After a 3-month internship for Study Advisory, the atmosphere was so amazing that I just couldn’t leave! So here I am, working as a marketing coordinator for one of the most global and passionate teams I have ever met.”


“Hi! I’m Eeva, the new international coordinator at Study Advisory. I started working here a few weeks ago and am really excited about all the new challenges. I studied in the University of Tampere and thus have been living in Tampere already for quite a few years, but I’m originally from Kuopio in Eastern Finland. I have also lived abroad a few times in Italy, France, and Belgium. Those have definitely been some of the most important experiences of my life and have taught me a lot about myself and the world around me.

I am passionate about different cultures, languages and traveling, and I’m always interested in discovering how things are done differently in different countries. In my free time I enjoy long walks outside, yoga, gym, swimming in the lake both winter and summer, knitting, cooking, gardening and reading… just to mention a few!

At Study Advisory my responsibilities include networking with the universities all around the world, administrative tasks at our office in Tampere – and of course constantly developing our services so that we can better answer the needs of both students and universities worldwide. I’m happy to help future and current students, alumni and university staff alike to get the most out of Study Advisory!”


“Hello! I’m Sami, one of the new team members who started in April 2016 to work at Study Advisory. Tampere is my home city, a place of birth actually, which means that I haven’t really gotten that far away from home… Although I have to mention that as the years have passed, I have discovered over thirty countries in two continents, either by travelling, studying or working abroad. I’m always listening to good tips for travelling and am willing to answer if you want to ask something, so just give me a shout!

My mind is strongly internationally focused, so if I would be the president of the world, I would make a law that everyone must go abroad either to study or to work for at least a few months during their lives. But since I’m not, I will just work in a determined and passionate way to make it possible for you and help you any way I can. When you are thinking about future study options, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m working currently in a double role, for Study Advisory but as well for Asia Exchange, but they belong to the same family anyways. Within both roles the main goal is the same; increase student mobility, just in different ways. With the help of Study Advisory, the goal is to build a worldwide network for universities and students to find each other, and my role is to build partnerships with universities in order to make Study Advisory a bigger, better and stronger service where information about “where to study?” can be easily obtained.

Se on moro! (bye bye in Finnish, in Tampere region dialect)”

“Every day is not necessarily a good day, but there is something good in everyday”

Our new team members

We are very much looking forward to our new challenges here at Study Advisory, and we are really excited to help young people find their dream universities. Spending the summer at the office doesn’t feel bad at all with such an inspiring job and such great colleagues!

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