The Discover China program

Introducing the highlight of summer 2016: The DISCOVER CHINA program!

Discover China is new and unique travel education program which allows its’ participants to experience the local traditional life of Hong Kong and China. It’s organised in collaboration of Interface Education and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

Discover China gives its’ participants great insight into the Chinese culture, economy, and heritage, while allowing them to admire the stunning landscapes, and while activating their taste buds with a wide variety of authentic Chinese cuisine. Discover China will take its’ participants far beyond the tourist-trodden paths and will enable them to experience a wide variety of activities, as well as face-to-face interactions with the friendly locals.

Discover China
Now’s your chance to Discover China, are you up for the adventure?

An adventure of lifetime

Discover China is a unique adventure, and its’ primary goal is to introduce its’ participants to the rich natural, cultural, and historical aspects of the destinations in which they will visit. Discover China is ideal for those who wish to better understand Chinese culture within a short period of time, admire wonderful places and meet new people. What better place to start exploring the Guangdong Province in exotic Southern China than Hong Kong?

A new way of seeing things

New destinations often include an unknown culture and a new way of looking at the world and life. A chance to visit new destinations also means new life experiences! During the Discover China journey, you won’t think of these destinations as locations anymore, but rather, you will think more about how they have given you a new way of seeing the world. Participants will build lasting memories and wonderful friendships as they expand their views of the world!

Get in touch with the locals

During this journey, participants will meet and interact with many kinds of locals; including students, hard working factory laborers, farmers and wise village elders. Discover China provides its’ participants with travel companions who are local English-speaking university students. They will give all Discover China participants great insight into local student life and student culture. Participants can practice their Mandarin Chinese with these local students, while building long lasting friendships along the way!

Unforgettable experiences

Have you ever wanted to experience new things, yet never could quite put your finger on exactly what? You now have a one-of-a-kind chance to dive right in to a culture as rich as the lands it originated from!

During this unique journey, you as a student will experience the following activities which will make your journey truly unforgettable:

  • Learn Mandarin Chinese at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
  • Admire Hong Kong’s iconic skyline at the top of Victoria Peak
  • Enjoy an authentic Hong Kong street market experience in Sham Shui Po
  • Experience the manufacturing plants and meet the hard working laborers
  • Embrace Southern Chinese Culture in the Lingnan Impression Park
  • Visit a 400 year old Ancient Village, and get to know the Hakka people
  • Be amazed at a Silkworm Farm, and learn about silk production
  • Try communal farming and get your hands dirty while having some fun!
  • Learn traditional Chinese arts: calligraphy, painting, and paper cutting
  • Try out the most famous Chinese Martial Art: Kung Fu

As you can see, this isn’t your typical sightseeing tour. This is an educational adventure filled with numerous activities and experiences. It takes you away from the beaten path to help you discover the natural beauty, culture and life of China, which is often overlooked by the average tourist.

Ready to go?

For whom: Students and parents

When: The 7th – 17th of August 2016 and the 21st- 31st of August 2016

Application Deadline: The 7th of July 2016 and  the 21st of July 2016

Price: 1,880 USD / 1,760 Euro per person

***(Early bird price: 1,680 USD / 1,560 Euro per person)***

Discover China is  Organised in cooperation between Interface Education and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

Check out this link for more information:!/university/11650/hkust-:-discover-china

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