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Dissonant echoes of a former music student

One of our staff members, Markku, has spent the autumn in Taiwan, getting familiar with Taiwanese universities. A while ago he visited a local arts festival and got the chance to interview a Finnish music artist and former music student, Antti Myllyoja, about his experiences as an exchange student, and where his exchange has brought him eventually.

No words are spoken as a pale figure with a grotesque aura, that could well predate literature, stumbles forwards its linear path, in a zombie-like state, toward a disruptive symbolic structure, a chaotically vandalized black and white piano in this case, which it then studies, expressing nearly an animal like behavior all the way to the highest of excitements, only to plummet back in to the depths of despair again. Then, gradually, it starts to make its way towards its complete opposite, a well composed and lively pianist who excels in an aesthetically pleasing state of signified existence. Two of them become one as the climactic dissonant chords are played like vulgar echoes from the left-behind chaos and disruption. 

dissonant echoes of a former music student
Photographer: Te-Fan Wang (汪德範)

Although the main interest of the third Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art festival (愛自由當代書藝) is a Taiwanese dancer, and somewhat a local celebrity in the contemporary art scene, Hu Chia (胡嘉), the object of his performance, Black Meal (黑食), however, is a Finnish composer Antti Myllyoja in piano. Performance that ends in a synthesis of these two artists for the first time now – though who have been friends for a good couple of years – makes intriguing sense in the audience´s perspective since Antti is the only foreign artist who performs in the festival and, as such, is bound to catch the eyes of those who have wondered into an old warehouse building turned gallery within the city of Hsinchu´s railway station complex. But how has Antti himself found his way to Hsinchu and become part of the Taiwanese contemporary art scene?

dissonant echoes of a former music student
Photographer: Te-Fan Wang (汪德範)

It was back in 2010, the exchange, Antti starts his story. That was also the year he graduated from Sibelius Academy (nowadays part of the University of the Arts Helsinki) in Finland. At that time, the soon-to-become master of music had a touch of previous experience in Asia, having spent an exceptional summer in China couple of years earlier, and who thus was keen to browse through the available exchange options with the recently seen movies from an award winning Malaysian-born director – though who has made his career in Taiwan – Tsai Ming-liang in mind. Was it Tsai´s Taiwan inspired movies that had influenced Antti to choose Taiwan over the many other locations which offer interesting scenes for an artist and exchange student? “Tsai´s movies gave me a very creative and experimental picture of Taiwan which was later proven to be correct”, Antti explains. There is no heavy burden of tradition, he then adds. “Tradition can be good, but not the burden”. What kind of burden does he mean?

“It rained heavily that day, and I went to a hostel for the night”, Antti reminiscences his first day in Taipei. And within a week he was already in the studio of Golden Bough Theatre, a peculiar fusion of western theater and Taiwanese folk tradition, or post-modern, as it would be called in the world of arts, through which he became accustomed to the world of Taiwanese theater – “it is in the core of the story”, he reminds. Internship in Golden Bough lasted for three months, after which he started another three-month internship with the contemporary percussionists of Ju Percussion Group. Then it was time for the master´s thesis. “It was a free field of arts, without puritanism”, he sums up the exchange period; “even the studies were free of structure”. Then he starts to talk about a course that consisted of visits to culturally significant buildings. Nonchalance is easily mistaken as discontinuance in Antti´s story.

dissonant echoes of a former music student

“One reason, of course, was a Taiwanese actress Liu Yutsen, and another was a place in the Taiwanese art scene”, why Antti returned to Taiwan after his studies were completed. At the time, in 2012, the two of them established a theater together and Radical Snail Office was born. “The idea was to combine contemporary music with experimental theater”. “Surely, it has worked out well”. When asked about Antti´s future plans, the man replies: “as if I have any – we live in a space between…”. Silence ensues after which a burst of sarcastic laughter soon follows. It was the same laughter that spiced up the story of him seeing the distorted and diabolical face, probably from the performance the night before, in the heat and humidity of Taipei, in which the lizards are free to roam about.

Did you understand what was it about, asked a fair Taipei lady of a high academic standing, referring to the Black Meal performance, not being used to the contemporary arts. Perhaps it was about the thorough disruption in an otherwise so linear evolutionary path that needed to take place in order for the new literate culture to be born. Be as it may, in any case, Antti Myllyoja would not change a thing about his experience in Taiwan.

Disruption echoes in the dissonance, as Antti, Hu Chia and many others continue catering the contemporary art addicts those ink-black meals of enlightened culture near the rigid shores of the Pacific Ocean that make up the island of Taiwan.

dissonant echoes of a former music student
Photographer: Te-Fan Wang (汪德範)

Find more information about Taiwanese universities!

Soochow University and Taipei University of the Arts have received very favourable reviews on Study Advisory, where they were rated both by Taiwanese and international students. The security level and student services are particularly appreciated at Soochow while good value for money stands out from reviews of Taipei University of the Arts.

4 Points business students should pay attention to

“Business” is one of the most common and popular study fields, but nevertheless, for some students it may be difficult to understand what they can achieve with their business degree. In this post, I am going to give four key points to help business students get the most out of their degree. These goals are achievable and measurable, and will help you pursue your studies further. You can try to change them into practical tasks and add them to your to-do list.

I am sure that by reading this, the business degree will become a bit more meaningful to all of you!

1. Pay attention to classes

Business students may want to achieve different goals in universities. Some may want to get a good grade so that they can be promoted to a better job. Some may want to receive tertiary education so they can be improved spiritually and knowledgeably. Some may want to try every new thing so they can develop their potential. Going to class, especially for the business students, would be the easiest way to accomplish the above-mentioned goals. Apart from learning hard facts from the books and PowerPoints, in class you will also get the chance to discuss with your fellow students. You can learn from other business students and review your own ideas. It is also a golden opportunity to develop your own network!

business students having lessons

2. Take part in different activities

If you are planning to achieve a business-related career, I would recommend you to join some business-related societies or consulting clubs. You can meet more students and professionals in different fields and you may also sniff some career information. If you dream of getting a work related to technology, it might be a wise idea to join some seminars about new technologies. This is an excellent way to learn more about the current trends. It’s good to always bear in mind that your current friends may become your colleagues one day.

business students having discussion

3. Don’t bound yourself

As a university student, you should keep an open mind to every new people, environment or study field. By going to different lectures, you can learn something completely new that you can possibly apply in your future projects. For example, marketing skills are essential to all the disciplines. I recommend all of you, no matter what is your major, should go to have some marketing lessons.

Furthermore, you can also join some sports club to keep yourself always energetic and your body in a good condition to accept different challenges. It would also be a great occasion for you to widen the social cycle. While exercising, you can share your innovative ideas to other outstanding students. A tip for you: Mark Zuckerberg loves playing tennis !

3rd point

4. Join more discussions

You can meet so many professors, staff members and experts in business when you have lectures or seminars. Grab the chance and rdon’t hesitate to ask any questions you have! I am sure that they would be pleased to share their knowledge, experiences and personal connections with you. These can certainly bring new insights to your academic research and future career path.
business students sharing ideas

I know all of you must share the same question right now. “How can we have so much time to achieve all four goals? I wish I could have 48 hours a day!” There is no doubt that we only have limited time while we have plenty of tasks needs to be done! However, as mature students, we should have the ability to prioritize the tasks according to their importance and emergency. It is reasonable that you focus on the tasks that you consider the key to your success! You may also check out our other blog posts about time management to utilize your time!

Written by Ching Fung Nicholas, Li

Autumn fresh start in Finland in the marketing team


I am Pauline and I am just starting at Study Advisory being in charge mostly of marketing tasks. I am also translating SA’s website into my native French. While my background is in politics and international relations, I have been passionate about Finland since the country joined the EU in 1995. Actually, one reason behind my interest was the Finnish reputation for innovative education (maybe more at primary and secondary levels). This is the first time I will stay in Finland for longer than a few weeks and into the winter, too, which is exciting!

Symbols of Finland, home to Study Advisory
Autumn leaves and bikes rank among the best symbols of Finland in my opinion.

I studied in my home country, France, as well as in the UK and I also interned in South India. In 2013 and 2014 while working abroad in Switzerland I enrolled on a Finnish language and culture summer course at the University of Jyväskylä and I loved the teaching methods and the international atmosphere of the course.

I look forward to embarking on the great adventure of connecting students with universities worldwide! In addition to the start-up culture welcoming new ideas I have found at SA’s office, it has already been stimulating for me to speak Finnish with my colleagues alongside our lingua franca – English.

I have been at Study Advisory for a week now and I really value the creative, forward-looking and international spirit! Last but not least, I find it really stimulating to be working in a social enterprise in itself, with also boasts an additional commitment to UNESCO.

I look forward to posting blog posts here and to reading your comments about more thematic topics!

New colleague aboard at Tampere office

My name is Marika Myllymäki and I am the newest member on board at Study Advisory, pleased to meet you all. My background is in media studies and communications with an underlying passion for an international career. I am going to introduce myself and share some feelings about my first weeks at the office, by defining some keywords.

Tampere in autumn colors.

S – Start up

This is the first time I am working in a start-up company. I am super excited to learn new things and to see how a great idea is progressing day by day.

T – Tampere

My new office is located in Tampere, Finland. I´ve always been curious about this city and I have done different tourist things here my whole life, for example visiting Moomin museum and Särkänniemi (amusement park). This time I am actually living here, in this beautiful and cool old factory scenery.

Beautiful Tampere in the autumn colours
Some of the old factory buildings in Tampere are changed into movie theaters and restaurants.

U – Utrecht

I spent my exchange times in Utrecht, Holland. I got familiar with some parts of the Dutch culture, like bicycling everywhere, eating tons of bread (even for lunch) and studying hard. Utrecht is very picturesque city with plenty of nice cafés, bars and clubs. If you are planning on studying in Utrecht, check out the university profiles here.

D – Diversity

I am happy to have co-workers from different countries and it is quite exciting to have the weekly meetings with people from the Hongkong office. The world seems to be our playground at Study Advisory.

Y – Youth

Another thing that is new to me, is to work with such young group of people. Or maybe it is just that I am getting older, haha.

A – Adventure

I am truly encouraging everyone to study and work abroad, since it is always healthy to have a little adventure in your life. Adjusting in a new environment is also a self-esteem-boosting experience.

D – Dancing

I have always been dancing. At home, at clubs, at gigs and also trying different styles in dance schools. My latest experiment is salsa! By dancing the world makes sense again.

V – Vintage

I love vintage and second hand clothes and things. Luckily Tampere offers a lot of nice flea markets and shops for some treasure hunting.

Tampere in the autumn colours
In the autumn you can see Tampere in beautiful colors.

I – Imagination

In a start-up company it is important to have a good imagination and give time for creativity and brainstorming.

S – Sushi

I just simply love sushi.

O – Optimism

At Study Advisory I find the atmosphere very positive towards new ideas and new people.

R – Rodents

The only animals I believe I understand. Okay, this is going a bit too far.

Y – Yoga

To have balance and flexibility I have been doing yoga everywhere I go.  I have ended up in the yoga studios even in Holland, Goa and Portugal.

Here is a riddle for you, which words are built up from the letters?

Coming back home from exchange – another type of culture shock

Flying back home

The process of student exchange consists of great variety of different emotional roller coasters – not only fun and games. You might be mentally prepared for obstacles in the target country and studies, even some amount of homesickness and a culture shock. Nevertheless, you might not be expecting a situation where coming back home appears to be the hardest part of your exchange experience. Here are listed some feelings that might fill your head when coming back, and also some ideas how to soften the blow:

Coming back home from an exchange

1. “I have changed so much but back home everything´s the same.”

You have had an amazing eye-opening phase of your life but it might feel like nothing has changed back home. Your friends and family members talk about the same things as they did a year back, and their stories and worries seem so small and boring. Maybe you don´t even remember where the home is if your life has been a bit messy and hectic also in your home country. Try to keep an open mind for the people back home, some of them might have had same experiences as you in the past. You might also find new friends who share your passion for travelling.

2. “I don´t know how to embrace my new lifestyle back home.”

Perhaps while abroad, you started to know who you are a bit more and picked up refreshing new manners and habits? Still, they don´t quite adapt to the life you are leading back home. Your biggest fear might be the fact that in the end, you will not change at all, and you´ll revert back to the same old you once again. However,  you should not worry too much. Many of the things you learn while abroad are so abstract, that you do not necessarily became aware of the change yourself. Once you have opened your eyes to new things, they won´t easily be shut again.

Back home
Don´t you guys understand what I have experienced!

3. “Nobody gets me.”

You begin to sound like a broken record when you constantly bring up the memories from your time abroad and compare the two countries. After a while nobody cares anymore and you begin to bore even yourself. You start to lose contact with your exchange friends and they gradually get lost in the sea of social media. A good way to embrace the new you and revisit the exchange atmosphere is to join your home university´s international circles. Tutoring the newly arrived exchange students should come naturally now that you understand what they are experiencing.

Read here Top 5 reasons why employers love applicants who have studied abroad.

4. “I am thirsty for more.”

Usually life will go on back home: You´ll find yourself again and mix a great cocktail out of the best parts of the two different worlds. Still, if this feels totally impossible, the only medicine to heal you might be planning another adventure. And what´s the harm in that?

Back home you can start to plan new adventures.

For the great adventures ahead, check out Study Advisory´s university ratings.

Internship – how you can make best of it!

Autumn is coming and the intern season starts again. Many current students and graduates will begin their journey in the working world trying to gain a valuable career experience. An internship is a good possibility to practice what you have learned at your school, enhance your skills, get a solid contribution to your CV, increase your network and surely get a full-time position. Here we have summarized some tips how you can make best of your internship.

how to make best of your internship
Make best of your internship

Get to know your company

Before your first working day, make a research about the company you are going to make your internship for, e.g like company’s history, culture, vision, mission, products and services etc. Read also about the industry and the competitors in the field. Moreover, you can track the recent media. Some basic research on your company will help you to feel more confident and will give a good first impression right from the start. More specific, inside information you will gain later.

Take care about your dress

Depending on a country, culture and a company there might be different requirements on how to dress. Some companies might not care about it but some really do. It is advisable to find this information before you begin with your practical training. You can contact HR manager or to check company’s website. Employees should not be judged by the way they are dressed  but dressing properly will present you in the best light and demonstrate your effort to look professional.

Internship = real job

It happens often so that students do not work properly during their internship thinking that the internship is just a way to earn the school’s credits since it is usually not paid or low paid. Generally, interns are given boring and not challenging tasks that nobody else in a company has time to do. However, you should always treat your internship as a real job and therefore invest all your efforts in it. Think about that your activities even if they seem to be minor, they still impact the whole organisation helping it grow and develop. You will surely be rewarded for your engagement!

Be active

Be curious, show interest and initiative; dare to ask questions and be ready to go out of your comfort zone. Remember, you are here not to do what you already know. On the contrary, you must learn possibly many new things from different fields and from different people – your colleagues, bosses etc. As our summer intern Anna mentions: „It was not easy for me to start writing blogposts and web content pages. I did not have any professional experience with WordPress before. Anyway, I pushed myself and started doing it. And I was satisfied with the result! Moreover, training my writing skills will help me in the near future when I start working on my thesis. So my advise: overcome your fears and embrace the challenges”! You can read one of Anna’s awesome blogposts here.

To be active is good, anyway you cannot be always ready for everything. Try to choose the tasks that interest you most and might help you to gain valuable knowledge for your future career. Having the courage to say „no“ to certain tasks is also a part of your intern experience.

Communicate with your internship mentor

While doing your internship you will be provided a person who will guide you, supply you with tasks and help to organize your work. Do not be afraid to ask difficult and stupid questions. Remember that your eagerness is a demonstration of your interest, motivation and desire to learn. If you have some problems or you cannot manage doing your project or task by the certain time, feel free to discuss it with your internship supervisor. Asking for a feedback is an important part of the practical training.

Develop your network

Socialize with your colleagues, during working time and outside of it; show them what you are able to do. The better they know you, the more chances you have for the support from their side when it comes to the decision on the full-time position for you. Use all given chances to participate in events outside of the company, as fairs, conferences, meetings with customers etc. Our intern Nelli had an excellent opportunity to network in a start-up hub Hong Kong. Read more about Nelli’s awesome experience as a Study Advisory’s intern in this dynamic business megapolis.

And here there are some tips from our colleagues and interns about their internship experience:

Hazel (Hong Kong):

I think internship gives me a really good opportunity to put the theory into practice, to understand how business is going. I can apply my knowledge in my work. Also, I can  learn some of the skills that I could not learn from school, like establishing interpersonal relations and communicating with clients.  To make best of it , I think you should be humble, modest and open-minded to learn as much as you can, including accepting the negative comments.

Suvi (Finland):

An internship is often as good as you make it. You should not swallow anything and do tasks that you feel have no purpose for your personal or academic growth. Of course you have to start from somewhere, but to make an internship great, I feel like it has to be a two-sided thing, where both the employer and the intern feel like they are getting something out of it (other than study credits). It’s an amazing oppotunity to put one’s skills into practice and find out if your study field really is your cup of tea in the real working world.

Eeva (Finland):

Doing an internship is usually a great way to learn completely new skills, as well as to get more practical know-how of the things you have studies in the university. Personally I found myself for example learning some basics of HTML coding, even if I had never considered myself a technical person before. The new skills learnt during my internships have helped me very much later on my career. An internship can also be an opportunity to discover what you would like to do in the future – as well as a way to realize what you don’t like!

Written by Anna Korobova

Internship in Hong Kong

I’m Nelli Koutaniemi, a fourth-year business student from Oulu, Finland and I did a three-month internship for Study Advisory in their Hong Kong’s office this Summer 2016. Basically I’m here to tell and describe why it’s freaking awesome. Challenging, independent and rapidly changing – and everything awesome.

First day as a marketing intern in the Hong Kong office.
First day as a marketing intern in the Hong Kong office!

How did you end up to Study Advisory’s Hong Kong office in first place?

I was studying as an exchange student in Hong Kong for the spring semester 2016. I was very keen to find an internship placement from the city since Hong Kong made such a good impression on me during the first few months. I was lucky to notice Study Advisory’s internship position and meet Tuomas, the head of the Hong Kong subsidiary, in the office in Kowloon. Before the interview I made some research about the company and I was impressed by the work that they have done and the overall mission of Study Advisory: they share a lot of same values and ideas that I do.

What do you study and what were your tasks during the internship?

As said, I am a business student majoring in International Business Management and minoring in Marketing and Corporate Law. I was a marketing intern for Study Advisory, which gave me possibility to combine my major and minor subjects efficiently.

In short, I handled a lot of different kinds of marketing practices from social media to bigger projects and on the other hand I had a chance to work on the field networking and meeting higher education professionals. Together with my colleague we participated in some education expos and events and met the students and the university staff at campuses – there are 8 big universities in Hong Kong area! Outside office hours there were a lot of professional networking events from salsa classes to insightful workshops and presentations.

As a business student I learned the most when participating in Study Advisory’s crowdfunding campaign (I am so flattered that as an intern they gave me such big responsibilities in it) and when I got a chance to negotiate some cooperation possibilities with local and foreign business representatives.

What do I need to take into account if I want to work in Hong Kong?

The basics! Get the trainee visa, find yourself an apartment, take some vaccinations and book your flight tickets. Study Advisory provides you with an intern guide with all the basic information. Take a look also at the training visa’s requirements and enclosures from Immigration Department’s website. You need to gather a lot of papers and prepare to wait a few months, but generally the visa process is quite pleasant.

Apartment situation in Hong Kong is a bit trickier question. 8 million people packed in such a small area means that the apartments are small and the prices are quite high. Nothing to be afraid though, if you are not able to find your dream flat from Facebook groups such as FindYourRoomInHongKong, you can always ask for a single room in a dormitory like Apple Dorm and keep seeking while you arrive. Or maybe do it like I did and stay there for the whole time!

Hong Kong is too awesome. I mean it, to me it is a paradise of contrasts: the high-end, skyscraper-filled metropolis with more local areas and they special atmosphere. The nature is close: Hong Kong is a city surrounded by beautiful steep mountain sides.

How’s Hong Kong as a working environment?

Although working in such a huge city is challenging, it rewards you with a can-do attitude and offers amazing networking possibilities. The atmosphere is competitive and busy and local people are very hard-working by their nature. Study Advisory’s Hong Kong office pretty much follows the headquarters in Finland when it comes to working habits and hours. Local people are very hard working and can stay in the office more than 12h a day.

I really miss lunch hours in local restaurants, they get packed around noon to 1pm with cheerful business men and women chatting with their colleagues, gathering together with their steaming hot bowls of tasty noodle soup or something else delicious. After dinner time you can easily find some relaxed or more professional events or grab an after-work beer with colleagues. The city provides excellent opportunities for networking!

Comparing to headquarters in Finland, do you concentrate on different field in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s office is there to concentrate on Asian markets: half of the world’s university students living within a 4-hour flight from Hong Kong! The city itself is one of the biggest start-up hubs of Asia. Internship is a great way to get introduced to Asian markets, business and higher education.

Study Advisory operates in one co-working space in Kowloon and we also spend hours in campuses, “coffice” (taking office or your laptop into a coffee shop) or in Wanchai Small & Medium Size Enterprise Center. Whatever was the most convenient at the time!

What was the most challenging part working in Hong Kong?

I don’t think that the city itself caused any big challenges to my internship. Before my exchange I had already spent 4 full months in Hong Kong so I kind of knew what to expect. Prepare yourself for the inevitable culture shock, I’d say. Everyone who moves abroad for more than one month is going to experience in one way or another. For me the biggest cultural shock was my tiny apartment but with a right attitude (and a good-night sleep) everything  falls into place pretty quickly.

… and the most fun?

Where do I start. There was something special excitement to work in Hong Kong. Generally, while interning for Study Advisory you get to experience a very modern way of working. You take your laptop and take a seat at Starbucks or in co-working space with other start-up companies, meet people and feel the pulse of the busy metropolis while taking a fully packed metro back home in the evening. I consider myself very lucky to experience all of that. So, for the “most fun” part I’d say the modern way of working, the atmosphere of the city and of course – my amazing colleagues. Hong Kong team was (at my time) relatively small but they were all nice and genuine people.

Any final words?

If you are considering to work for Study Advisory in Hong Kong, go for it. It is amazing time not only because of the city, but Study Advisory provides a great learning environment in a start-up business. Basically, you get as many responsibilities as you ask for and everyone in the team is important for the company. It truly was an experience of a lifetime.

You can take a look at an internship and other employment opportunities at Study Advisory’s Careers page! For other employment and internship motivation I suggest you to check our blog, for example, “Top 5 reasons why employers love applicants who have studied abroad”!

Study Advisory's Hong Kong office provides you with a lot of possibilities.

Study Advisory in Hong Kong

Pokemon Go: Catch ’em all, and a degree!

With Pokémon Go already available in some parts of the world, and opening soon in other parts, it is already taking the world by storm! There have already been millions of downloads, and students who are starting school this year or returning to their university this autumn will be happy to find that most universities have quite a few Pokestops and even an occasional gym on campus! In fact, our friends over at Tampere University boasts around 7 Pokestops!

So if you are one of the few who haven’t started playing yet, it’s pretty much a fact that this will be the next big trend of your Autumn semester, and maybe even for the entire time of your studies! So what are you waiting for?

Here’s how we suggest you become the Pokémon Go master of your university!

Everyone wants to be the very best like no one ever was, right?

First things first, how to play the game:

Download the game app with your iOS or Android device and log in with your Google account or with your Pokémon Trainer Club account. Customise your avatar and select a starter Pokémon.

Pro tip: If Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur are not really for you, simply run away from these starter Pokémon about four times until a Pikachu appears!

Now that you are ready to go, there are three very important features of the game you should know about. Firstly, you can catch Pokémon by simply walking around campus until they appear. Tap on the Pokémon to initiate a battle, and fling Pokeballs at it until you catch it!

Keep your eye on the colourful circle around the Pokémon. When the circle is the biggest, it is easier to catch the Pokémon, so press and hold the Pokeball until the circle grows as big as it can, then toss the ball at the target.

Pokemon Go
Catch ’em all!

Green circles mean the Pokémon will be easier to catch, yellow circles may be more challenging, and red circles even more difficult still. The Pokémon might spring out of the Pokeball after you catch it, but there are certain items that you can use such as higher level Pokeballs (that start to show up around level 12) and treats to distract the Pokémon with.

Secondly, visiting the local Pokestops is a major part of the game, as light blue colored Pokestops will drop items for you to use in the game, such as Pokeballs, treats, potions, and Pokémon eggs!

Pro tip: Eggs can be placed in an incubator which is powered by walking. Eggs will then hatch after walking 2 KM, 5 KM or 10 KM.

Pokemon Go
Hatch your Pokémon eggs as you walk!

When you grab the loot from a Pokestop, it will turn purple and it wont drop loot again for another 5 minutes. Pokestops are also the place to use a Lure Module, which attracts a multitude of Pokémon to that Pokestop for 30 minutes. If you see a Pokestop near by and it’s surrounded with little hearts, head on over to grab some loot and catch some Pokémon!

Pokemon Go
Pokestops with Lures have lots of loot and Pokémon!

Pro tip: It has been said that the more people who come to a Pokestop with an active Lure, the rarer the Pokémon will be! Grab your mates and head to a Pokestop between classes and wait and see what shows up!

Lastly, gyms are a pretty big deal in Pokémon Go. You can use gyms to earn gold coins that can be used in the Pokeshop after successfully taking over the gym. In order to battle a gym, you first need to be a level 5 and select a team from either Valor (red), Mystic (blue) or Instinct (yellow).

Once you have a team, you can find other members by hanging around Pokestops or in a local Facebook group. Together, you will be a force to be reckoned with as you take over all the gyms you can find! Once you and your team take a gym, leave a Pokémon there to defend it and level up the gym by training your Pokémon. There higher the gym level, the more Pokémon can be left there to defend the gym against rival teams!

Pokemon Go
Grab a team and take over gyms between classes.

Battle Pokémon at gyms by tapping on the enemy Pokémon, press and hold the enemy Pokémon to unleash special attacks, and dodge attacks by swiping left or right.

Pro tip: Do some research on what types of Pokémon are strong or weak against other types of Pokémon, such as Water > Fire, Fire > Leaf, etc.

Put those legs to good use! Explore the landmarks of your university city as you play, and use the app to not only get some exercise between studies, but also to make new friends and find the hidden gems (and gyms) of your city. Host events with fellow students like a Pokémon pub-crawl, or a Pokémon walkathon, and seek out the local hotspots which double up as a Pokestop!

Already a Pokémon master? Leave us some tips in the comment box below!

Remember to stay alert and play responsibly, keep up with your studies and pay attention to your lecturers. Who knows, maybe they will drop a lure on your university campus as a reward for your hard work and dedication!

Volunteering at school – how can I benefit? 


Volunteering at university can benefit and enrich your life in many ways.  By volunteering we mean an altruistic activity done for the good of the society. It can be help to disabled people, caring about homeless animals, organising social events etc.

Students are offered plenty of possibilities for voluntary activities. However, some students ignore them because of lack of time or because they underestimate the perks such type of work can bring them.

Gain new competencies

Volunteering is doing new things in a fresh working environment. You learn general skills such as goal setting, planning, organising and team work, but also gain specific competencies, e.g how to encounter challenges and take responsibility. Your communication and social skills will be enhanced greatly. And who knows what kind of  hidden talents could be discovering then! You might even become so skilled that you will get some money compensation for your work.

Enhance your career

While volunteering, you build networks and communicate with people from different working environments and backgrounds. You get precious insights into a specific career. Volunteering at university stage benefits your life track and makes a good contribution also to your personal development. It enormously raises the chances of your employability: hiring managers prefer job applicants with a volunteer experience over those without it.

Expand new horizons

Volunteering opens new horizons as you might socialise with people from other cultures and explore new places and even get the possibility to travel. For international students it is a good possibility to fit in a local life style or learn a new language etc. Benefit from the deep immersion into new cultures!

Make difference

While working for your student union  you can make impact and  change something you feel unsatisfied with. It is your chance to take decisions and improve study environment around you!

Feel good

Those who do unpaid work gain a sense of satisfaction from their involvement. By helping others, you will get recharged by positive energy and maybe discover a new perspective of life. Make the best of your study time!

Where to find information about volunteering

Be open and active! There are multiple sources of information to get involved. The information about volunteering can be found on the webpages of universities and student unions. The higher education institutions might have special events for students interested in volunteering. E.g University of Eastern Finland (UEF) participated  in various campaigns and events with a goal to promote the integration of asylum seekers into Finnish society. (1)

Moreover, you can check the webpages of different  volunteering organizations. There are also internet platforms that connect people interested in volunteering worldwide . E.g Volunteer World  is the first independent platform that connects volunteers and social projects globally. This platform provides a community marketplace to present, discover, and apply to international volunteer options.  Volunteer World aims to provide cost and service transparency of volunteer programs as well as significantly facilitates the search and application process. The portal has more than 1000 registered users and offers about 600 programs in more than  70 countries.  You can easily compare the options based on cost, price and purpose.  In addition to valuable peers feedback, the website contains a lot of useful information you might need if you going work as a volunteer.


By Anna Korobova

Student life with Kanye West

Look, whether you are in high school or already working on your higher education degree, we’ve all been there. It’s a rollercoaster of great achievements and even bigger failures, especially if you happen to be Kanye West. Let’s look at the best quotes and pieces of wisdom from Yeezy himself, and imagine for a while:

How is the student life working out for you, Kanye?

Learn some serious study tips from the great Kanye.

First of all, you kinda have to change your attitude right there.

“I am not a fan of books.”

Since, you said it better yourself:

“Our work is never over.”

It’s not going to be a piece of cake after high school or your Bachelor’s degree…

“Second degrees, man, they’re even scarier than the first ones.”

(Or in fact, instead of degrees he might have mentioned “albums”, but true either way.)

But once you get the flow, things become truly inspiring.

“Visiting my mind is like visiting the Hermés factory. **it is REAL.”

“I’m doing pretty good as far as geniuses go… I’m like a machine. I’m a robot.”

University is also about friends. Like when you open a pack of gum and share it with your classmates.

“I’m like a tree. I feed the branches of the people.”

Friends equal competitors? Like when you get the only A in your study group.

“When you’re the absolute best, you get hated on the most.”

Essays got you all thinking and stuff.

“Would you believe in what you believe… If you were the only one who believed it?”

But then you remember you studied ZERO.

“You should only believe about 90 percent of what I say. As a matter of fact, don’t even believe anything that I’m saying at all.”

Don’t become too “extremist” when it comes to your grades:

“What’s a B+? I’m an extremist, its either pass or fail! A+ or F-!”

And when the year finally comes to its end, stay positive about the future!

“So if you learn from your mistakes, then I’m a *freaking* genius.”

Jokes aside, it’s good to wrap this up with some actual study inspiration from the great Yeezy.

“I have millions of ideas and I represent a new generation just trying to express themselves in a broken world. I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade. I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.”

“There’s nothing I really wanted to do in life that I wasn’t able to get good at. That’s my skill. I’m not really specifically talented at anything except for the ability to learn. That’s what I do. That’s what I’m here for.”

Hope you had a productive semester and remember: stay humble with a little bit of Kanye.