Follow your passion – 10 degrees you probably didn’t know exist!

Does your degree feel like a waste of time? Do you get the feeling that sitting in the Quantum physics 101 is not your thing?

So do others. But the range of classes today is immersive – you can honestly study something that you like, unlike in the first ever universities almost 900 years ago, when you could choose from basically four subjects (in Latin).

So worries be gone, ditch the boring physics! Here are some degrees that might bring back your passion for studying!

1.Harry Potter and The Age of Illusion

They see me rowling - they hatin' my Harry Potter degree
They see me rolling – they hatin’ my Harry Potter degree

Is Harry Potter a favorite of yours? If so, the Durham University in the United Kingdom offers a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding on this cultural phenomenon as part of your Educational studies. You will learn (almost) everything about the World of Quidditch in its social, cultural and educational context. Could it be time to forget the boring English Lit classes, and study potions instead?

2. Ethical Hacking

Who doesn’t like stalking, even just a tiny bit! We all do it and whether or not we admit it, some people even do it professionally (and legally) and get paid for it. In the University of Abertay Dundee, you can study how to hack and prevent someone from hacking you, ethically. It is a guaranteed employment if you decide to go down the path to learn how to hack – for good purposes of course.

Ethical Hacking degree
Bad example of ethical hacking.

3. Baking Technology Management

Cookies degree
True story. Every time.

Apart from Harry Potter, baking is close to coming in my personal second place on things that I want to learn everything about. The London Southbank University has “The Worshipful Company of Bakers” – an endorsed degree in baking, and it probably does not even sound as sweet as studying it would be! Being a baking technologist – that’s impressive if something.

4. The Joy of Garbage

Joy of Garbage degree
Garbage is coming

If hacking and baking are too much of neat indoor jobs, garbage digging gets your hands dirty. It’s not a whole degree you can study, but Santa Clara University offers a course in, directly quoted from their website, “Mold, methane, and enteric fermentation. Rates of decomposition. And a lot of pictures of dead things. It’s not “CSI.” It’s the Joy of Garbage.” In this course, students get to experience the joy of landfills, sewage treatment plants and waste recycling facilities. Something for everyone, right?

5. Artist Blacksmithing

Thor degree
If so, he’s still hot.

Today it is important to be hip (yet not to be called hipster) and do something a bit outside the box. Game of Thrones is cool, The Vikings as well. And what do they have in common (apart from a lot of nudity and blood): muscular, topless men. I mean, blacksmiths! In Hereford College of Arts one can learn how to combine traditional blacksmithing skills in order to produce contemporary art. Probably with a shirt on. And of course girls can be blacksmiths as well.

6. Viking and Old Norse Studies

Vikings degree

For those admiring the history of the Nords, University College London offers a great opportunity to get some insight into the culture of the Viking Age. During the 4-year long studies, you will master not only one Nordic language but also spend your third year abroad in Scandinavia. And if you still have a burning passion to learn more, University of Iceland offers a 2-year masters class in the same subject!

7. Beer studies (Brewing & distilling)

Beer brewing degree
Learn to ye own beer!

Alcohol consumption is something that students have been criticised for since the early days of universities, so what would be better than turning this passion for the malt drink into a profession? In the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, you can educate yourself to be a manager of the malting, brewing and distilling industries and get a full understanding of the science and technology of the processes involved from cereal farming to bottling and packaging.

8. Surf Science and Technology

Surf studies degree
Learn how to be cool – study surfing

Do you feel more stable on a surf board rocking the waves than on solid ground? Cornwall College could be your dream uni in that case! And even if you are a complete newbie to surfing, they’ll teach you everything from the basics to Sociological and Psychological Perspectives of Surfing.

9. Viticulture and Oenelogy

Viticulture studies degree
When you study viticulture, you’ll know.

Your first question is probably: what is this?! It is of course a course in wine culture and wine science. Charles Sturt University in Australia offers this opportunity to gain skills or maybe even maintaining a wine yard after graduation! And as a cherry on top, you will be eligible for student membership to the Australian Society for Viticulture and Oenology.

10. International Spa Management

Spa Studies degree
Spa studies might be your path to your dream job

Last but not least – some relaxing studies in the spa industry. This University of Derby’s bachelor’s degree is “one of the most employable” and after your graduation you can open your own spa, with full training in massaging and other spa-treatments, as well as the spa business in general.

Written by Suvi Loponen

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