Top 3 reasons why students should go on exchange

If you’re still wondering would going on exchange do you any good, I am bringing you some good news. There are plenty of reasons to be an exchange student! The following list includes our top three reasons why you should go on exchange.

International experience

International experience definitely looks good on your resume. Many employers feel that studying abroad shows great initiative and independence. Additionally, experiencing a different culture or learning a foreign language makes you more marketable to employers. Students who have studied abroad are exposed to new situations meaning they are often more adaptable in the work place in the future. Not to forget, employers will also be impressed by the fact that you have stepped out of your comfort zone. All in all, international experience will add some colour to your resume and will give a ‘one-up’ on your competition in the job market.


You probably already know this and don’t need me to tell you, but yes, you get to travel. Going on exchange allows you to travel a lot. On top of the opportunity to travel, you also get to experience new cultures. You get to experience the differences in cuisine, tradition, languages and communications. However, it might also invite a sense of feeling lost in the world. This is also known as the culture shock. It is a common phenomenon and it often affects travellers and exchange students that are living far from home. Travellers that are unfamiliar with social norms or can’t understand the language the locals speak. After this, so called, ‘frustration stage’, the ‘adjustment stage’ follows. During this stage, friends are established, communications become easier, and the details of local languages may become more recognizable. The last phase is the ‘acceptance stage’, this doesn’t mean that the whole foreign culture is understood; rather it signifies realization that complete understanding isn’t necessarily. Don’t let the potential culture shock stop you, by recognizing it for what it is and finding ways to deal with it, you will have a fantastic, life changing, experience abroad.

So you should stop making excuses and convince yourself to go on exchange. We have to keep reminding ourselves that there will never be a better time for us to go traveling than right now.

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Go on exchange and go on an adventure!

Meeting new people

The point of going on an exchange is being introduced to new people and cultures you have never had the chance to experience. By being an exchange student you get to meet new friends from all around the world. Your exchange program will have meetings and trips where you get to meet other students.

Now that you have met some cool people, and you guys can get along pretty well. Why not strengthen the bond for your new group of friends by going on a weekend get-away. Share hotel rooms, hostels, or even tents, and do at least one thing that scared you both or that you have never done before. It is time to go on an adventure.

AIESEC friends
Strengthen your friendship by having a get-away

Now it is time to step out of your comfort zone and start planning your exchange trip. If you’re wondering how to choose the right university for your exchange programme, you should first of all, collect all the information you can get for the university. Most importantly, you should read a lot of reviews from other students that went to the universities you are looking for. I suggest you to visit Study Advisory to find your next destination to study and read what others are saying.

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