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Our Demola Team

Study Advisory UX with Demola

Demola Tampere is located at old cotton factory area called Finlayson in Tampere. Demola locates in premise which is called The New Factory Innovation Center. New Factory was the place where the idea of Demola was launched in 2008. Today Demola is carrying annually around 100 projects. From the 450 students participating, the 40 % is of international background.

At the meeting with Demola Team
At the meeting with Demola Team

Idea of Demola

The main idea about Demola is that company’s approach Demola with a project suggestion they have. After Demola receiving suggestion, they search the right students to the build project team. Students can apply for the certain project and Demola staff decide which students are the best for the projects.

The students consisting the project team have the freedom of approaching the project’s question in their own way. They develop the project in collaboration with the company, while owning the rights to their work. Upon completion, the company can buy the rights from the project team and develop it further. As a result, the companies have licensed 80% of the projects outputs and recruited 15% of Demola students.

Why did Study Advisory approach to Demola?

The need of student recruitment and on-line marketing, among the universities, has been increasing in the past years. In Study Advisory, we want to approach this market need for student perspective with special attention on users’ experience.

Having an idea?

What do students need when they consider their study options? How can they find Study Advisory website easier? When they find it, the question is: How we, at Study Advisory, can be sure the website is attractive and user-friendly for students to spend time there? After they interact with it will they talk about Study Advisory with their networks on-line and also in real life?

Meeting in progress
Meeting in progress


The aim of this Demola Tampere project is to have competitive market advantage, add more user value on our website and increase the amount of visitors and buzz in different media.

For the project we were hoping for a team with skills in various fields to help us to recognize and tackle some our challenges. In the end of the recruiting we have an international team with various skills of expertise, for example students from Germany, UK, Vietnam and Hungary.

The projects has just started. The team is having their first meetings and starting their innovation journey. We are eager to work and be in cooperation with these students and Demola staff and we are very excited to see the final product of this project. More updates about the project along the spring…