Study Advisory is Now Crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding has changed the game for businesses to collectively gain capital from various small sources. Whether you are willing to build a start-up company for your innovation or to get some external money for an existing idea, you should get to know the concept. Mostly known for the possibilities it provides for start-ups, there is a growing portion of mature businesses also exploiting the opportunities of this fast and global capital raising method.

Crowdfunding investments are making our dreams come true.

Crowdfunding In a Nutshell

1. Exploiting networks.

Rather than traditional investment models (such as picking up the briefcase and marching to a bank), crowdfunding relies on stakeholders and the networks of people working for the company. The investor can be anyone: a friend, family member, former colleague or a beginner business angel. Most importantly, it emphasizes on the huge potential of your business networks: small drops of water can quickly create an ocean.

2. Going online.

The raising trend for crowdfunding is to go online via social media and crowd fundraising websites. There is a great variety of options available; Indiegogo, GoFundMe and Kickstarter being some examples of the larger global platforms. Despite the amount of choices, they all work according to same basic rules. They provide the company a page to engage investors with a pitch, usually including a video and other marketing materials for a fixed number of days. The underlining idea is to sell your story and to get more eyes on your fundraising campaign. Don’t be misled, the campaign can also be carried out in traditional ways, such as contacting possible investors via e-mail, personal meetings and newspapers as well.

3. Equity crowdfunding.

There are a few crowdfunding models in existence, but equity-based crowdfunding is growing exponentially. The company provides the contributors an equity share in return for capital, and each individual investor becomes a partial owner of the company. Investors have strong expectations for the future growth of the companies they invest in, to build value and to get a return on their investment.

How To Make a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

Building a crowdfunding campaign is an exciting project, but not an easy one: simply putting yourself out there and providing a pitch and video doesn’t really make any good come overnight. You have to be active, reaching out to contacts and media regularly, rallying your campaign in social media and finding new innovative ideas to get as many eyes on your fundraising as possible. Planning the campaign should start as early as possible, and the first days of going public with your crowdfunding will be extremely busy; your eyes merely on your computer screen.

Study Advisory is Now Crowdfunding!

Study Advisory is now proud to announce that the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign. We aim to raise capital to ensure a positive cash flow in the future in order to invest both in research and technical development, as well as to hire new professionals for our sales and marketing team. We are certain that with the help of collective investments, Study Advisory can facilitate its’ growth and ensure that our ultimate vision will come true. There are many small and bigger steps to take, but success already gleams on the horizon.

Our first investor, Miika Kallasoja stated: “I’ve been impressed by the growth and I count on Study Advisory’s future success.”

Study Advisor has launched the crowdfunding campaign online using We have already received our first investments, and we are thrilled for the confidence our new owners have in us.

With crowdfunding we can change the world to ensure better higher education.

Education is changing the world. On a global level, the amount of students studying abroad has more than doubled to 4,5 million between the years of 2000-2011. We are currently providing the world’s largest database of nearly 12,000 universities. We have acknowledged the fact that the majority of students looking for higher education are interested in finding out more information on mid-range institutions, and not only just the top-ranked ones. The Study Advisory Popularity ranking provides a social aspect for students to choose their higher education institution – for most people, this reviewing system is the most meaningful one.

We didn’t set a goal, we set a vision for our crowdfunding campaign. A vision cannot be measured by euros or dollars. Our vision is to raise awareness, connect our networks and spread the idea of our business. We want to help students find the most suitable education options out there, and for universities to find the best student prospects worldwide.

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