Two new marketing interns at Study Advisory

In the beginning of January we started to work at Study Advisory as a marketing interns. SA is a Finland based company that offers a channel for marketing, recruitment which uses modern and innovative technical solutions. Continue reading to learn more about us as intern in SA!

Social Media intern

I’m Meeri originally from here Tampere. I have also lived few places besides Tampere, like Turku and Varkaus. And after living like 6 years elsewhere my family and I came back to Tampere, to our roots. I like travelling a lot and also I’m quite adventurous.

Before my BBA degree I studied in Business School of Tampere bookkeeping. I went to Business School because after High School I didn’t get to study what I really wanted so I took on something totally different. Bookkeeping didn’t end up being what I liked to do. So after while graduating from the Business School I applied to Lahti University of Applied Sciences. And luckily I did get in to read business economics. After getting in I moved part time to Lahti. Monday to Friday in Lahti and all the weekends in Tampere.

I graduated from high school in year 2011 and got in Applied Sciences School in 2014 so there were few years of searching myself and finding what I really want to study. When I was in High School I thought I want to study marketing but somehow I changed my mind and started to think alternatives to study. Luckily when I discover bookkeeping isn’t my thing I found again marketing as a strong desire of mine to study. And that’s why I applied to Lahti.

When studying in Lahti many times I wandered if marketing was the plan to go with ahead. When study year two came and I have to decide what I my major I rapidly decided “What a heck I’m going with marketing, it has been my dream for many years. So why not. It can’t be the worse choice of them all…” There were many majors to choose from like logistics, HR, financial management and etc. With “major” marketing I decided to read also courses from international trade, because the courses were in English and I have all my life liked English and been good at it.

For my third year I moved totally to Tampere. We made an agreement that I would do all my courses from there. I didn’t have almost any school left so it was possible. In in the end of autumn I only had left my internship and thesis on to do list.

Luckily in end of December I got a call from Study Advisories Sami and he called to me for an interview for the internship in marketing.  And the best news of the year I got it! Now I have been here at Study Advisory for almost entire week and it has been blast. I have enjoyed so much. Every day something new and interesting stuff. I’m impatiently waiting next weeks and what’s more for me from this internship.

Meeri in a sunny day in front of the church near the office
Meeri in a sunny day in front of the church near the office

Translation intern

My name is Alba, I´m coming from Olesa de Montserrat, it’s a small town near Barcelona, Spain. I have been living in Finland four years now.

I have studied Business Sciences and Market Research in Spain. In the last year in the university, I participated in the Erasmus Exchange Program in Turku, Finland. I decided to come to Finland because I have always been interested in northern cultures and Nordic countries. To do an Erasmus program is the best way to learn new culture, new system, and meeting lots of people who are around the world.

One week ago I had the opportunity to join in the Study Advisory team, and working as a translation intern, translating Study Advisory website to my native Spanish, but also I am doing marketing tasks. I like to work in a finnish company with international co-workers.

Alba in front of church near the office
Alba in front of church near the office

In Study Advisory we will help you to find the best place for you that fulfills your needs as a student!

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