First Investor

Investor’s name: Miika Kallasoja
Profession: International Advisor
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.), University of Vaasa

Miika Kallasoja was the first to make an investment in Study Advisory's crowdfunding campaign.

Since the beginning of the silent phase of Study Advisory’s crowdfunding campaign on the 2nd of May 2016, Miika Kallasoja got a hint of this opportunity and was the first one to make an investment. Study Advisory decided to interview Miika.

For what reason did you decided to invest in our crowdfunding campaign?

I have several years of experience in investing in funds. I’ve had the intention to decentralize my investments and this crowdfunding campaign offered me an opportunity to enter an industry that is of my particular interest.

I believe in this business since the entrepreneurs behind Study Advisory have already managed to create one international success story in the educational field, Asia Exchange. I’ve been impressed by the growth, and I count on Study Advisory’s future success.

What are you expecting from your investment?

In addition to getting a return on my investment, I want to support an important industry and a great business idea. I like the idea of supporting a young and honest start-up.

What differences can you identify between crowdfunding and traditional investing in stocks or funds?

Investing via Invesdor is fast and easy. Crowdfunding makes investing effortless and pleasant. You don’t have to engage in any separate contact with a bank nor invest in faceless funds or corporations. In addition to these reasons, crowdfunding is very popular nowadays because of the certain “game”-spirit and the ability to have an influence on something collectively.

A lot has happened since the first investment. Go ahead and see our progress so far on: And if you want to own a part of future success story, make your own investment!

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