Bali – exchange experience in all way possible

Having the experience being an exchange student is very useful in future in normal life and also workwise. Many of students use the possibility to go for an exchange and they should. My dear friend as adventurous she is and always will be, she took bull by the horns and went to Bali for exchange period. Here is her exchange story.


When I arrived in Bali I didn’t expected there would be so much people and scooters everywhere. At first I stayed in a hotel in Kuta for the first week with few friends. For the first week our job was to find a villa for us to stay in. After week of searching we found the perfect villa with 10 bedrooms and own pool.

Beautiful sunset
Beautiful sunset

I think I settled pretty fast to the way of living in Bali. Kuta didn’t feel like home to me but Kerobokan where we lived was just perfect for me. When you are looking villas in Bali I would recommend getting it from Kerobokan/Canggu/Seminyak area. I personally liked the Kerobokan area more than Kuta.

Reason for Bali

The reason I chose to go to Bali for my exchange had been tickling in back of my brain for a while from the beginning of university. But after finishing my bachelor’s degree I had a feeling that I needed to take a break somewhere far away where it would be sunny and warm. We also had been talking about going to Bali for exchange from the beginning of University like I told you in the beginning of this paragraph. And finally we made it come true. All in all I stayed in Bali for 5 months and also travelled around Asia and Australia before and after my exchange.

On the cliff Uluwatu
On the cliff of Uluwatu

Studies and friends

In Bali I studied in Universitas Udayana. The campus was located in Jimbaran area of Bali. My home university Oulu University wasn’t a partner school with Udayana and that’s why my exchange was free-mover exchange. The application period wasn’t difficult in my opinion. There wasn’t too much paper work. And all in all the applications were pretty easy to fill out.

I got lot of friends from the university. But also before arriving in Bali I was added to a Facebook group, where I met my exchange student friends. A lot of people talked through the group and got to know each other before arriving in Bali. When we arrived in Bali, we already had group of people together who would want to rent a villa together.


In free time there was lots of things to do. During the days off from school we went often to have breakfast in one of the many cafes in Bali. Bali has the best breakfast places to offer.

I recommend you to check out

Crate Café
Milk & Madu

After breakfast I went surfing, sun bathing, shopping and chilled at pool etc. I also went to some trips with my friends around the island by scooters and saw beautiful rice fields, waterfalls, dolphins, temples and overall amazing places.

Dolphins playing
Dolphins playing

When I didn’t have a day off I had school. Normally I had school 2 to 3 times per week. Mostly Thursdays and Fridays were free for us. Indonesian language class was the only mandatory class for everyone. Otherwise we could choose the subjects we wanted to study. Additional to normal classes we had fieldtrips to traditional market and one of the biggest temple in Bali.

If I would do another exchange I would like to see some other countries, perhaps in South-America. But in Bali I would go for a holiday again anytime.

Learning experience

In my exchange period I learned so much about the Indonesian culture. Most of the Indonesian islands are Muslim, but in Bali the main religion was and it is Hindu. And I also learned that Balinese people eat a lot of rice with their food. Typical Balinese foods are Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodles) and Nasi Campur (mix of rice and different other ingredients). The flavors of Balinese food are really good and the food is really cheap there. At the end of our semester there was a closing ceremony where everyone wore the traditional Balinese costume. It was really nice way to show respect towards the Balinese culture.

First days school lunch
First days school lunch

Bali… for whom? And best memory

I think Bali is a great destination for everyone who loves sun, isn’t fear of new adventures and overall is eager to get new experiences and learn about different culture. I don’t know anybody that would have regretted spending their exchange semester in Bali!

My best memory from the Bali trip was the people I met there and shared amazing adventures with. I claim also many connections around Europe throughout the exchange and friends for lifetime.

Exploring beaches
Exploring beaches

All in all, my exchange period was successful and lot of fun. As a student who already have visited Bali to someone who is thinking about to go there I would say GO FOR IT! Get to know the culture and local people. Getting to know some locals can be more teachable moments than learning the culture from any book. Also learn to speak Indonesian. Take surf lessons, try yoga and discover as many places you can. Go to the night markets and eat the same way the locals would. Bali is an experience in all way possible. Enjoy every day like it would be your last and get experiences that you can reminisce many years later.

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