“You are able to do anything”

Howdy y’all! Welcome to read more about what the students really think. Let’s hear it first from our Karelian student Polina Zakharchuk:

“Modern world does not have state borders anymore”– I have heard this phrase from many people during my life, and now, apart from some exclusions, I can definitely say that it is true. I am sure that each of us has a friend or a relative who has moved to another country for studying or working, sometimes even without the necessary knowledge of local language. And the high level of English opens the whole world; you just need to be brave enough to leave your familiar life in search of adventures. Just like Bilbo in the novel “The Hobbit, or There and Back Again” by J.R.R. Tolkien, you need to make a difficult decision – are you ready for something new or not?

My name is Polina; I am from a Russian town called Petrozavodsk, which is a capital of Karelia region. There are two parts of Karelia, Russian and Finnish, and so our town always was closely connected with Finnish people and Finnish culture. It is not a rare thing among Russian students to go to Finland for studying. When the time came to decide, I had a number of choices: to study in Finland, to stay in Russia and go to a bigger town with better universities or study in Belarus. Why I have chosen Finland? First of all, Finnish education is widely recognized as a high-level education and, in addition, as applied education. It is very good for a future career of graduates that they already have some subject-related working experience, and in Finland it is obligatory to have practice during studies. This is also a great way to meet new people and get useful contacts for after-studying period. Finally, studying in Finland kind of “helps to integrate into the life of European Union”.

Sometimes it is thought that those students, who have chosen International Business as the subject to study, just have not decided yet what do they want to do in their life as this subject is very broad. I am studying International Business, and frankly speaking, if anyone would ask “Who do you want to be when you will grow up?”, I could not answer for sure. But I have always been interested in Marketing and Economy and also Journalism so I have some plans how to combine those interests. The broadness of International Business is an advantage: students can check their abilities in different spheres and their attitude to them, and then make their decision about the career.

For anyone who is planning to go to another country, I can tell that it is not easy at all. You will have to become an adult earlier; you will need to accept the fact that your mother and father with tasty food and some mysterious “all-problems-solving” superpower will not be all the time near to help you. You will have to study harder, especially if the language of your studies is not your mother tongue. People around not always will understand you, not only in terms of language, but in terms of opinion and behavior as well. So it is always better to learn the local language, local customs and traditions. Home country is always easier to live in, but going abroad is definitely a good idea and it’s worth all the time and energy it takes. After looking back at all the difficulties you have managed to overcome, you will understand that you are able to do anything.Students having a break

Studying abroad gives you new, unforgettable experiences. You meet many people in terms of friendship and in terms of useful career contacts. World is full of wonderful women and men who will be ready to help you in difficult situations, and it is very important to try to communicate not only with someone from your country. I have already said that in Finnish universities there is usually a high percentage of Russians, and it helped me to get used to live in Finland, but now I am studying in La Rochelle University in France, and here we have a company of students from different countries. The communication with all of them makes you confident, independent and somehow proud of yourself – you exchange customs and really learn how diverse all the human beings are. You study languages, you get the opportunity to travel a lot, go for an exchange program and study for free in some exotic places. Everything depends just on your abilities and your belief in yourself.

What can I advise for anyone, who is thinking of going studying to another country? That should be your choice. Of course, you can ask your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend or your friends for their opinion, but people tend to be quite egoistic in such cases. The friendship will not be broken by the distance if it is a true friendship, your partner can always find money and time to visit you, and your parents will be enormously proud of you when, after some years, you will be able to buy them a house in a foreign country so you can all go there for a vacation. First of all, you need to think about yourself and about you career plans. If there is anything you like to do and you know that in order to “make a path” in your life and become a specialist in that sphere, it is better to go to another country for studying – then perhaps that is the best choice.

I am currently on exchange program in France. Some may say that it is banal to like France, but I would love to stay here forever. And I will do my best in order to make my dreams come true.

Yours truly,

Student Blog Polina

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